Book Festival

Reading and writing are two basic skills every individual needs to acquire. The onset of internet has made this a dying art. In order to promote the skills of language Arbor organised the Book Festival from August 25th to August 30th. A variety of activities were conducted for the students to create an awareness of the importance of use of language. These included Book mark making, writing a story, Quiz and Elocution. The students participated enthusiastically and the teachers got fresh insights about the creative ability of their students.
A creative writing workshop was also conducted for the students and teachers as part of this celebration and Mrs. Rubina Majid from Scholastic India gave the students tips on creative writing. The teachers were also initiated into the art of how the students ‘ creativity could be developed.

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Teachers Day Celebrations

The more you teach the more you learn. This dictum is true for every teacher and India holds the pride of place in devoting a whole day to salute its teachers. The day was filled with fun and frolic as every student at Arbor vied with each other to show their love and respect to their teachers. The teachers on their part let their hair down and behaved like students taking part with childlike enthusiasm in all the activities arranged by the students which included conducting an Assembly, Treasure –hunt, musical chairs, lemon and spoon race and last but not the least Kho-Kho The senior students of the school took the role of teachers and the juniors were their students for the day. The management greeted the teachers with a card hosted lunch and gave a gift to them.

Neuro Linguistic Programme

Learning is a continuous process and Arbor understands this. The management leaves no stone unturned to enable teachers get fresh insights into the teaching- learning process. The Neuro Linguistic Programme conducted by Mr.Venky Karukuri was one such. The lively and interactive workshops dealt with the theory of differentiated learning styles and how to tackle it.

Kudos to our young Arborites

Tirangaa an Inter School competition held by Vista school saw the enthusiastic participation of the primary and middle school students of Arbor
The Arborites did the school proud by bagging four prizes out of the six events they participated.
The prize winners are
Anugraha Grade-I 2nd prize Colour monument
Kundan Grade-V 2nd prize Crossword Puzzle
Nitin Grade- V 2nd prize Crossword Puzzle
Rohitha Grade-V 1st prize Poster Making
Preetham Grade-V 1st prize Poster Making
Madhumitha Grade-VI 2nd prize Treasure Hunt
Manaswini Grade-VIII 2nd prize Treasure Hunt
Vijay Grade-VIII 2nd prize Treasure Hunt
John Grade-VIII 2nd prize Treasure Hunt

Independence Day Celebrations

The spirit and joy of freedom was enjoyed by the Arborites on 15 Aug 2014. The solemnity of the occasion was preserved as the students came up with a short cultural show reiterating “Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it”

Field Trip To Botanical Garden

Field Trip To Botanical Garden
Students of Nursery and PP2 went for a field to trip to the Botanical Garden during the school hours. The children were excited to go out with their teachers and classmates. The kids were very enthusiastic to see and learn about the various parts of the tree like branch, twigs, leaves , flowers . They were interested in touching the bark of the tree to understand that the bark is rough. They walked on the grass and sand. The children also understood about various creepy crawlies, like ant, fly, butterfly , caterpillar etc.
They got a chance to play for a few minutes on the slide and see-saw available at the botanical garden after a long walk around the garden.

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Rainbow Week

Life without colours lacks variety and as we all know variety is the spice of life. The students of the pre-primary celebrated the week of colours with the innocent enthusiasm that they are well known for. Each day was represented by a colour and from the dress to the activities everything revolved round that colour. The young students participated with full vigour and it was a feast for the eye to see all of them adorned in vibrant colours.

Math Week

Mathematics Week
Math has been a subject which as students many dread. The idea of celebrating math week at the school is to allow students to not shun the subject but to enjoy studying it. This year the activities were fun based and at the same time the concepts that needed to be reinforced were taught. The primary students of the school vied with each other to participate in the activities. The healthy competition that prevailed helped us understand that the students would now look at the subject as one to enjoy.


A New session – a new beginning was theme of the parent orientation held on 21st June 2014 .The Principal and the Incharges gave the parents an insight into the working of academics and other areas of the school.


” A teacher who loves learning earns the ability to help others learn” Arbor believes in this dictum and the first week of June was devoted to training and learning by teachers.
Ms Anitha Khosla an empanelled CBSE trainer from Sri Ram Horizons Pvt Ltd updated teachers on CBSE’s Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation pattern.
Mrs.Vani Reddy trained teachers on X SEED Curriculum.
The teachers were enthusiastic students and all of them honed their teaching abilities.